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Clearing & Preventing Clogs in Your Sewer System

Your sewer line has the important job of removing waste from your pipes and drains and transferring it to the municipal water supply. When your sewer line becomes blocked or clogged up, waste cannot be removed, and major damage can occur to your plumbing system and property at large. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you, with San Mateo sewer cleaning service from Wizard Plumbing and Drain. Our highly trained plumbers use all the latest tools and technology to thoroughly clean your drains and sewer line, always ensuring your system is free of obstructions and that wastewater is being disposed of properly.

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How to Tell If Your Sewer Line Needs to Be Cleaned

Because sewer lines are underground, you may not think about them very often. But just because they are out of sight doesn’t mean they should be out of mind. Too often, homeowners wait too long to heave their sewer lines cleaned, causing a blockage to only get worse. Watch out for the warning signs you may be dealing with a sewer clog, and make sure to call our San Mateo County sewer cleaners if there’s a problem with your line right away. More than one of your drains is clogged: A single drain clog is usually just that—a problem with only one drain. However, several drain clogs are a prime indicator that it is time to clean out your sewer line.

You may need sewer cleaning service if:

  • There are nasty smells coming from your drains: Blocked sewer lines will typically emit a gaseous smell, wafting through your drains and spreading a nasty odor throughout your home. Again, one smelly drain may be an isolated incident, but if you notice this in more than one drain throughout your home, it’s probably time to call for sewer cleanings service.
  • Your wastewater isn’t flowing as it should: Problems with specific plumbing fixtures, such as having water coming through your tub drain after you flush your toilet, indicates your sewer system is blocked, thus preventing wastewater from flowing correctly.
  • Gurgle sound: If you ever hear a gurgling or a bubbling sound from one plumbing appliance while using another, call in our San Mateo sewer cleaning experts pronto. This means that the air in your sewer line isn't getting out as intended because of a clog and it's coming up through your plumbing's water because it's the path of least resistance.
  • Slow draining across multiple drains: If you have one drain that's particularly slow then you just need a good drain cleaning. But if you're experiencing slow draining across the board then it's because your main sewer line is clogged and needs a thorough unclogging.
  • Elmer, Sufian and their crew were very creative in solving the repiping problem we had in our Eichler home. They were friendly and professional, and easy to work with. I would give them 10 stars, if I could!

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Remember, as with all plumbing jobs, it’s better to schedule sewer line cleaning sooner rather than later. Regular sewer cleaning can increase the lifespan of your equipment. And with the latest tools and technology from our skilled plumbers in San Mateo, Palo Alto, San Carlos, Belmont, and beyond, you already know your sewer line is guaranteed to be work better by the time we’re finished with it.

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At Wizard Plumbing and Drain, we are committed to keeping your sewer and drain systems clean. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect, so you know you can trust us with even the toughest jobs. Remember, when you’re looking to banish clogs from your sewer line, just call the Wizard!

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